Top 5 ways to stay ahead of your competitors this Christmas!

black friday tips

Black Friday is over. Next up Christmas Sales. Is your software stack ready for the big rush?

The time to make sure everything is ready is before the madness begins. But there is a lot that you can learn from each sales event. With Black Friday over,  there is barely time to stop and reflect. Keep reading for some of the best parcel delivery tips to help keep your business moving forward.

What is Your Last Mile Process?

As your business grows, you may have outgrown the last mile processes you set up in the beginning. Were you fully prepared for Black Friday. Did you get your products from your distributors to its destination on time?

Black Friday wasn’t just an opportunity to sell stuff. It was an opportunity to check your processes and make sure you had complete clarity across the entire shipping delivery process. Increasingly this means getting your last mile deliveries right.

Do You Have a Disaster Recovery Plan?

It’s called a disaster because you hadn’t thought about it in advance. Hopefully, Black Friday was disaster free however,  with a few more weeks before Christmas sales begin – it’s not too late to stop and take stock.

How did your carriers perform during Black Friday. Did you get all your deliveries out on time. How many damaged goods did you get returned.

You can have a black Christmas and the rest of the year too if you’re not fully prepared. Make sure you have a business continuity process in place and plug in a disaster and recovery plan.

Prepaid Solution

As sales events intensifies, few growing businesses can afford to miss deliveries due to cashflow issues. With a prepaid solution, your customers pay in advance and load the funds onto SmartConsign as a credit. There is even an overdraft facility to help ensure business continuity.

It’s a great way to build loyalty and win back customers

Black Friday Tips For Invoicing and Returns

Consumers are always looking for a deal. A familiar black Friday shopping habit is to buy a nice toy, enjoy it for a while and return it! It sometimes seems like our customers like to torture us with returns.

But it’s not torture, it’s just business. Invoicing and returns are part of the process. You can make it easier by having the most efficient processes and the best technology.

Make your life easier and get a system that controls the entire journey of the workflow, from point of sale to returns. Get ahead by using the latest and best tech in market.

Parcel delivery tips and info to manage your business shipping logistics all year long are just a click away on our blog.