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DX Delivery via SmartConsign

Founded in 1975, DX is a leading provider of a wide range of delivery services to business (B2B) and residential (B2C) addresses throughout the UK and Ireland.

The fastest way to process all your DX labels for shipping is to integrate with SmartConsign.

SmartConsign Carrier Integration Benefits

  • Create and print shipping labels (1,000 in 34 seconds)
  • Track and manage delivery performance (reduce friction in the process)
  • Report and setting of shipping rules (improve operations)

SmartConsign offers a host of additional features that help enhance the benefits of your carrier delivery services. For help integrating your DX account with SmartConsign, get in touch by emailing or completing the contact form.

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    Delivery Management Services
    Same Day Booking Portal
    Smart Invoice Inspector
    Pre-Paid Shipping
    Bulk Batch Processing
    Disaster Recovery Plan
    Mobile Shipping App

    Advanced Shipping Automation

    Automating your shipping and levelling up your tech stack is a lot easier than you think. Talk to our team of experts to learn how. Complete the contact form and we will get in touch shortly.

    DX Shipping Labels

    Print DX parcel labels fast with SmartConsign and boost customer satisfaction. DX delivery services include freight management of IDW (irregular dimensions and weight) items, a comprehensive range of logistics solutions, including warehousing and transportation, plus fully tracked international services.

    The carrier has over 45 years of experience in the logistics sector; they have 85 depots across the UK and the capacity to deliver 100m items annually.

    Go live with SmartConsign in less than 14 days

    SmartConsign is a proud partner of DX. Sign-up to SmartConsign today and enjoy the best of both worlds for all your parcel delivery needs.

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