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Access all your carriers from one platform. Compare and easily track delivery performance. Set shipping rules and create carrier compliant labels. SmartConsign carrier integration software gives you complete clarity of your delivery management processes.

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Multi-Carrier System

  • Amazon Shipping
  • Parcel Force
  • TNT
  • Nightline
  • Royal Mail

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What is Carrier Integration?

SmartConsign carrier integration software dynamically links your order fulfilment and shipping processes together. Also known as shipping integration. The system connects with your choice of carriers, e-commerce platforms and marketplaces. It enables you to book shipments, generate shipping labels and track the movement of your parcels to their destination.

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Boost Performance

No matter how many carriers you use, no two are the same, and that’s good news because that improves your choices. When you’re unable to use one of your preferred carriers, whether that is down to overcapacity or costs – you can avoid delays by quickly switching to another. Multi-carrier management systems exist to help eliminate bottlenecks and frustrations in the process.

Integrate your Carriers

Real-time Visibility

Whether it’s addressing last-mile, returns, or failed deliveries, a connected system helps close the gap in data blindspots. Retailers and resellers can track the delivery of their shipments in real-time, enabling them to align their customer’s delivery expectations with the carrier’s performance. SmartConsign is the key to delivering stellar post-purchase customer experiences.

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Seamless Management

Agnostic carrier management software like SmartConsign enables you complete control, flexibility and clarity of your shipping processes. Comparing your carriers performance and rates enables you to make timely business decisions. With SmartConsign, you can access secure and unbiased information because we do not charge carriers a fee to integrate into our platform.

Thank you for your help on this project very good service and easy to work with” Logistics Manager SEKO Logistics

White-Label Solution

SmartConsign is equally as effective for partners. We offer a white-label solution that allows you to use our technology to integrate with your tech stack. Setting up your customers accounts takes less than 30 days, without the hassle of changing and disrupting their systems. Once integrated, you can securely connect with your customers preferred carriers and seamlessly manage order file transfers, batch processing and much more.

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SmartConsign Multi Carrier Integration Software

For retailers and resellers handling 250+ orders per week, a platform like SmartConsign that automatically connects your order fulfilment with multiple carriers is the best choice.

  • Easy to use, intuitive management dashboard
  • Dynamic reporting functionality (mobile or desktop)
  • Multiple location shipping
  • Cost control features
  • Fast labelling and customs documentation
  • No coding or training required
  • Unlimited number of users

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