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We securely integrate your carriers, eCommerce platform and marketplaces into a single platform. From here you can easily manage and control your parcel deliveries across multiple carriers.

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Ideal for Retailers, Resellers, Carriers and Partners.

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Multi-Carrier System

  • Tuffnells - Parcel Express
  • UKMail
  • Amazon Shipping
  • Royal Mail
  • Nightline
  • Parcel Force
  • TNT
  • rico

Deliver a 5 star post-purchase customer experience

SmartConsign offers the best range of marketplace and sales channel integrations. Just connect your choice of carriers and get ready to scale.

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Easy to use and Scalable System.

  • Fast Label production 1000 in 3secs
  • Bulk Batch Processing 10,000 in 60mins
  • Real-time shipment tracking
  • 100s of carriers and shipping integrations

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Shipping Features
Shipping Features

Advanced shipping tools for ecommerce and shipping services partners.

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Bulk Batch Processing
Bulk Batch Processing

SmartConsign RapidX. Ideal for subscription-box retailers.

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Disaster Recovery Plan
Disaster Recovery Plan

Carrier contingency planning. Ensuring business continuity.

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Pre-Paid Shipping
Pre-Paid Shipping

Advance payments loaded as a credit. Best for smaller businesses.

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Same Day Booking Portal
Same Day Booking Portal

Instant access to shipping costs and services.

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Mobile Shipping App
Mobile Shipping App

Easy access to key shipping features via mobile.

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Smart Invoice Inspector
Smart Invoice Inspector

Seamlessly manage your operations and cash flow. Eliminating paperwork.

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You’ve got a really nice product. Especially the smart invoice inspector… I’ve managed accounts from a few £,000 to £30m+ and the trend is always the same… incorrect invoices or simple gaps on contracts.

S Collinge

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Why work with us?

Retailers and Resellers

  • Reduce WISMO* queries by upgrading your post-purchase CX.
  • Improve efficiencies by automating your parcel shipping processes
  • Scale your business by saving on shipping costs

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Carriers and Partners

  • Acquire and retain business by upgrading your tech stack
  • Improve productivity by automating shipping rules, data validation etc
  • Save on shipping costs by reducing your people-hours

Learn how our multi-carrier management software helps you provide a 5-star delivery experience, whilst saving time and costs.

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Flexible and fast carrier management solution. The solutions provided are fast, reliable and can operate at a huge scale. Most importantly, the team from support, through to development are professional and courteous and go out of their way to solve any problems we encountered with integrations etc. We have been able to shave off many hours every month from our end-to-end shipping process thanks to their toolset

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Discover our Shipping Integrations

Optimise the Trio of Shipping Automation

A multi carrier management system (CMS) allows shippers to access all their parcel delivery needs from a single touch-point. Label production is at the heart of these software systems; the best carrier management systems can generate thousands of labels in less than 40 seconds. Beyond label production - carrier management systems are packed with tons of data that put shippers in control of their shipments in real-time.
The ultimate benefit of a reputable CMS is the high level of control, flexibility and ease of access to carrier rates and performance. The system is advantageous when using more than one carrier to ship orders. Shippers can compare carrier performance and make informed decisions about their shipments to save thousands of pounds daily. Any business involved in shipping parcels can use these systems; retailers, resellers, carriers, partners and logistics services suppliers can install the system and customise features to their requirements. Multi-carrier management systems are easy to install and do not require IT support. They are particularly popular with shippers who are passionate about delivering 5-star post-check-out experiences.

Take Control of Your Shipping Processes

With SmartConsign you control the entire journey of the workflow, from point of sale to delivery and returns. Customers can log onto the portal and access the simple 'Return Your Order' function to print off a label and return it directly to the retailer.

SmartConsign is integrated with the Royal Mail's PAF database to ensure accurate address lookup. You'll also be able to find address data for over 150 countries, so there is no limit to where you can ship.

Deliver a complete shipping service without the hassle of investing in an IT team. Use SmartConsign and take advantage of the API's full capability. Triggers can be configured for custom alerts all automated from within SmartConsign. These can be customised with your branding for a professional look.

SmartConsign RapidX: Shipping at the Speed of Light

Shipping high-volume orders efficiently and accurately is a challenge that many businesses face. The time-consuming process of generating carrier labels can lead to delays, operational inefficiencies, and increased costs. However, there’s a solution that is changing the game for businesses of all sizes. Say hello to SmartConsign’s RapidX, the ultimate solution for lightning-fast bulk batch […]

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The Power of Multi-Carrier Parcel Management

In the ever-evolving landscape of e-commerce and global trade, efficient parcel management has become an essential component of successful business operations. With customers demanding faster deliveries and a wide variety of carrier options, businesses need to adopt strategies that streamline their shipping processes. One such strategy that has gained significant traction is Multi-Carrier Parcel Management, […]

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SmartConsign Multi-Channel Despatch: A Comprehensive Infographic

In the fast-paced world of logistics and shipping, having a clear understanding of our multi-channel despatch system is essential for users to fully understand our product. To facilitate this, we have created an informative infographic that outlines the different options available to customers and highlights the key features of the platform. This infographic serves […]

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