This is how tech can optimise your business in 2019

Assuming you have read all the key tech trends for 2019 including our recent piece and you’ve already started to get all your ducks in a row. You’ve implemented and optimised things like: voice commerce – finally, your customers can place orders with their hands tied behind their backs! You’ve created easy checkouts and aren’t losing customers through any sort of duplications or frustrations at the paypoint. Your business customers feel like they’re individual customers, you’re treating them like kings and queens; your delivery is so fast Amazon Prime better watch out, and your chatbot service is a dream. But what is it that your business wants to achieve with all of these improvements and will it come at a cost that you may not have expected?

Here are the 3 most important end results you need to be gaining from the changes to your systems and parcel shipping processes. To give you a heads-up, the take-away from this list will be: good tech can help with that.


In your business you may be continually preoccupied with how to make your customer journey as frictionless as possible. Convenience is king. We’re here to remind you that at the end of implementing changes that provide the best service for your customers to ensure they keep coming back, there is a key element often overlooked: convenience for your business and your employees too. Software systems as advanced as ours streamline the shipping process from start to finish: label production, cloud storage, address updates? By taking care of these shipping processes across all of your offering to customers – you ensure that convenience starts at home leaving you space to focus on scaling your business, building relationships and taking care of your people.


Yes, your business success relies heavily on the speed with which you can deliver to your customers. But it can’t come at a cost to the quality of your customer service. Speed too often ends up meaning ‘rushed’. The more rush to deliver the greater the chance of human error, confusions and even, dare we say it, chaos. Implementing a good software system is without a doubt the best antidote for human error – machine intelligence is not undermined by speed and doesn’t react negatively to deadline pressure and narrowing timeframes in the way that employees, contractors and service providers might. In order to ensure that speed.

Cost Effectiveness

The cost effectiveness of your service depends on your ability to manage the multi-delivery, payment and returns options you are now offering your customers without having to support the offering with added costs like: a new employee to oversee things, extra time on maintaining, chasing and responding though new delivery channels, various software programmes for each new or upgraded process. To maintain on a grasp on all the various shipping functions your customers expect – the most cost-effective next step is to install shipping management software that is able to keep everything on track with minimal opportunity for human error. Good software should enable you to easily review depots, tracking, support tickets and invoices – at the very least.

With great software comes peace of mind; the ability to scale at speed without compromising on quality of service; and the happiness of not just your customers but everyone involved at each step of your supply chain.

Take a look at what we can do for you from cost control through to our powerful payment solution to seven different levels of security for different tiered employees, to localisation adaptability functions and a customisable notification engine – SmartConsign has your back. Give us a call.