Strong and Stable Delivery for your Post-Brexit Business

While nothing is absolutely certain – or even remotely clear – about Brexit, the 29th of March is the date after which things will be different (probably), it is highly likely that your delivery and shipping costs and processes will be affected in some way. While in 2017, 58% of cross-border shoppers polled felt that it would be shopping as usual after the UK left the EU, by the end of 2018 that number had dropped to 33%. In particular shoppers are wary of higher delivery prices, the addition of higher duties and taxes, and returns becoming more expensive and more complicated.

Big businesses are readying themselves too, of course. For example, Honda, the Japanese car manufacturer has shown concern over Brexit affecting its European operations. Honda points to new border checks affecting its logistics system and tariffs affecting its competitiveness.

Our number 1 recommendation? Have a Disaster Recovery Plan

We may not know what the impact of Brexit will be on the shipping logistics sector in the long run, nonetheless we all know we need to plan to protect our businesses. Whether you believe your business will be impacted or not – being prepared is strongly recommended, whatever your beliefs about outcomes. With the pressure on businesses (whether large, small, local or international) to provide competitive shipping in terms of speed and price, getting processes in place that minimise cost and maximise speed is vital.

While Disaster Recovery Plans (DR Plans) are already important in today’s on-demand market – they become absolutely vital in times of unpredictability and change. A delivery failure or repeated failures due to unforeseen circumstances, or circumstances beyond your control, can have serious ramifications on current and future business.

Our experience tells us that post-Brexit delivery pain points are most likely to consist of some of the following:

  • The need to switch parcels carriers / services quickly
  • The need to produce additional documents
  • The need to sell in new markets or on new channels
  • The need to add new delivery options

Cloud-based plug and play DR Plan

With SmartConsign carrier management software, you can easily implement a cost-effective shipping Disaster Recovery Plan that helps to protect your business. Whether you’re an SME or a larger business enterprise, we offer a plan that is both economical and accessible thanks to cloud technology. By simply plugging your carrier accounts into SmartConsign, it will act as a backup if you ever experience a supply chain failure. Logging in to carrier management software and activating the disaster recovery solution – means that systems are back up and running with the least possible interference, every time.

As well as the peace of mind, our DR Plan system also helps you to:

  • Reduce downtime
  • Protect future revenues
  • Maintain your business reputation
  • Save time and money
  • Respond swiftly

Take proactive measures to ensure that when disaster strikes, your business has a process in place to respond quickly. It’s important to remember that  having a Disaster Recovery Plan is not only for when things go wrong,  in the case of a sudden influx of business, for example,  having a plan in place allows you to maximise the opportunity.

It’s easier, and more cost effective,  than you think

We’re here to help you prepare for the unexpected. With over 10 years’ experience in the parcel shipping industry, we understand what it takes to run a business smoothly whether it’s large or small. We also understand what it takes to get a business up and running after a misfortune. Call us today to get your plan in place before March 29th – weighing up the small cost of our DR Plan against the unknowns of Brexit, you’ll be glad you called.