This is how Parcel Delivery Systems Can Help Boost Brand Reputation

Post check-our parcel delivery|Parcel Notification example

In the world of parcel delivery getting from A to B is fraught with challenges that could make or break a brand’s reputation. At the heart of the process is the need to meet customer expectations and meet them fast. Why? Because brand reputation is dependent on a growing number of factors and failing to deliver the shipping promise can be just as damaging as faulty products. In this article, we highlight how parcel delivery systems like SmartConsign can help all managers stay connected with customers and protect their brand reputation.

Control What Happens to Your Brand

In the daily running of a business, it can be easy to overlook the value of brand reputation management and its impact on the bottom line. In truth most brands focus on the pre-sale brand experience, yet increasingly customer’s 2nd interaction with a brand is the unboxing moment. Lead up to that moment is critical, and with customers having access to data at multiple touchpoints – poor post-check-out experience can negatively impact a brand’s reputation even before the package arrives. 

Parcel delivery systems offer a wealth of data that are designed to add clarity in the package delivery process, benefitting managers beyond the warehouse or depot. Here are our top 3 reasons why all managers should be using these systems: 

  1. Ensure customers are kept informed at key stages of the package’s journey- with some systems you can even send marketing messages. The image below is an example of the type of notification you can expect to see in a modern parcel delivery system.Parcel Notification example
  2. Empower customer success teams to proactively manage customer queries and respond efficiently to issues.
  3. Stay in control of the operation, spot inefficiencies in the process and address requirements on the fly. 

Stay in control of the operation, spot inefficiencies in the process and address requirements on the fly 

Understanding and responding efficiently to post check-out factors that can impact brand reputation helps to ensure the delivery of positive customer experience from the cart to the front door. Choose a parcel delivery system that gives all managers in the business access to data at vulnerable stages of the customer journey, and get managing your brand reputation the right way.