4 Ways to Demonstrate ROI on Parcel Shipping Software

Cloud-based multi-carrier parcel shipping software has grown up since the early days of SaaS and they are getting smarter. Factor in the rapid growth of eCommerce and the case to invest in a shipping software system is easy to prove. However, with so many systems now available how do you ensure you’re getting maximum ROI? In this article, we look at the different ways these systems can deliver value, over and above standard ROI metrics.

1. Deliver Faster Response

Consumer’s demand for speedy delivery has transformed the sector often at great cost to the supplier. A solution that gives you access to instant quotes for shipping the same day, can help to accelerate your response. Furthermore, you can use the data to deliver more accurate ROI projections. Some systems like SmartConsign multi-carrier management software hold data for up to 10 years.

2. Spread your Risks

Traffic and bad weather are major causes of delivery delays. Having a back-up system in place can help spread your risks. A cloud-based solution with access to multiple carriers does not require any hardware setup and is easy to install. Sign-up to systems that offer a DR (Disaster Recovery) solution for maximum protection. 

3. Control your Processes

Signing up to a parcel shipping software solution that offers features like Route Management via an app gives you more control. You can keep track of a driver’s schedule and manage your collections in real-time wherever you are. Furthermore, having the ability to control your deliveries instantly from your mobile enables you to deliver a frictionless delivery experience. These are crucial table stakes in the battle to overcome last-mile challenges. 

4. Innovate your Services

Struggling with footfall? Optimise your physical retail space by converting some of your space into a fulfillment area. Multi-Carrier management software like SmartConsign for example only requires a printer for shipping labels. Optimizing your retail space for deliveries is a simple and cost-effective way to innovate your business model.

Whether you are looking to upgrade your existing parcel delivery system and/or getting started for the first time. Book a personalised webinar with SmartConsign’s team of UK based shipping logistics experts and get all your questions answered. Email sales@cloudstuff.co.uk or call 0345 257 3005.