Retailers last-mile delivery pain-points


How do you take advantage of the growing eCommerce market when you have limited visibility of the final leg of your shipping process and your tech stack is below par? These are just some of several last-mile delivery pain points that are hurting retailer’s profitability today. This article examines the critical blockers and suggests how retailers can address the issues immediately.

Real-Time Visibility

With multiple touch-points in the process. Real-time visibility has become a key differentiator in the battle to overcome last-mile delivery challenges. Data blind spots impede decision making and are the single most frustrating aspect of the process.

Accessing all your carriers from a single system is the most effective way to unlock blind spots in the last leg of the parcel’s journey. Retailers can take control and make better decisions by integrating all their carriers into a multi-carrier management system.

“Spotting issues before the customer is aware can help elevate your delivery promise. However, this relies on getting access to real-time data”, cites Robin Seymour, SmartConsign CEO.

Post-purchase expectations

Collaboration and communication are further critical challenges for retailers. Failure to anticipate and respond fast when issues arise can add costs to the business. Retailers can empower their customer service teams by giving them access to customer data from one place.

“All too often we see customer service teams having to run multiple applications (both internal OMS and external parcel carrier tracking portals) in order to be able to respond to incoming WISMO calls and messages from disappointed customers” observes Robin Seymour

A system that enables multiple carrier management can help retailers align customers’ delivery expectations with their carrier’s performance.

Legacy Technology

Few retailers can handle growing parcel volumes by using just one carrier. However, adapting a multi-carrier strategy poses some unique challenges. Technology is the solution; however, large enterprises are often plagued with legacy tech that is costly to maintain and upgrade. In comparison, smaller rivals are held back by manual operations.

Shipping Automation

Automation is vital, especially for smaller retailers. Switching from manual processes to a multi-carrier management system allows retailers to scale efficiently. A single dashboard delivers all the functionality, data and services necessary to boost last-mile delivery performance.

Shipping Integration

As for larger retailers and shipping logistics services pained by legacy tech. Integration with an advanced multi-carrier delivery management system is the best solution. By integrating with such platforms, retailers and logistics services can use the systems tech stack without compromising their resources.

Boost Last-Mile Performance

If your package delivery operation relies on more than one carrier get in touch. A multi-carrier management platform is a route to lowering costs, improving visibility and ultimately driving positive customer experiences.