Reasons you’re missing out on integrating Shipping Software.

Carrier management shipping software forms the backbone of shipping operations for retailers, resellers and shipping services suppliers alike. But with hundreds of shipping software available – the problem is not the lack of available solutions.
In this post, we explore the reasons why logistics professionals are missing out on the power of cloud-based shipping software.

Operating in Silos
Siloed operations enabled by legacy systems remains a challenge across the industry. When processes are siloed, it delivers a disjointed experience for everyone involved in the process.

For example, whilst integrating a single carrier platform works, it becomes increasingly inefficient when multiple carrier services are required. Why? Because each carrier has to be managed and maintained individually with IT in the middle.

When the team is spending the bulk of their time fixing processes. They do not have the bandwidth to focus on delivering the experiences that drive greatest value for the business.” Robin Seymour CEO SmartConsign

This is where multi-carrier shipping software adds value, which is easy to use and integrates seamlessly into current workflows. All individual carrier upgrades and maintenance are taken care of via the API. Businesses get access to all the carriers and rates they need from one interface – without overburdening the IT team.

Cloud Advantage
Another problem shippers face in siloed operations is the lag between gathering information and taking relevant action. Add the size of the organisation, and the problem is magnified.

Ultimately software should help remove unnecessary work and ensure the highest level of productivity with minimal human intervention. Cloud-based shipping software offers additional advantages that help break information silos that are typical of on-premises systems. For example, accessing all your parcel delivery data from a single source of truth helps to minimise disruption and improve efficiencies.

Which shipping software is right for your business?
Shipping software enables the process of getting your parcels from A to B (and back). Choosing a shipping software that is right for your business depends on your operations and strategies. However, cloud tech makes it possible for you to test the right option without exhausting your IT teams.

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