How to level up your post-purchase CX strategy.

We are all familiar with the impact of parcel delivery failings: increased customer calls or worst still, negative reviews. So, how can you keep customers happy whilst keeping costs low?

It starts with having complete clarity and control of your shipping processes. Why? Because when you’re a high performing business, the effects of an inefficient shipping service are more noticeable. 

To help you improve your services, here’s a guide for why efficient parcel delivery holds the key to customer satisfaction.

People Remember First and Last

It’s well-known that the first and last impressions are the ones customers remember the most. Products that arrive on time and in good condition help create powerful first impressions enhancing the overall unboxing moment. 

A well optimised post-purchase process helps to ensure the delivery of a positive customer experience from the cart to the front door” cites Robin Seymour.

Advanced parcel delivery systems help managers to navigate the complexities in the logistics supply chain effortlessly. These systems enable you to identify weaknesses in your process, as well as optimise your strengths.

A system like SmartConsign, for example, provides real-time data on the performance of carriers. The application allows you to act if performance is below standard or better still exceeding expectations. Not paying attention to the post-purchase experience impacts customer satisfaction and ultimately devalues your brand.

Make Shipping Your USP

More so than ever in today’s health-conscious climate, shipping has never been more critical. Lockdown restrictions across the globe, coupled with Brexit, mean that more and more individuals find limitations an inconvenience.

Central to the issue is the growing importance of shipping to customer satisfaction.  Take extra time and pay extra attention, ensuring that your parcels are delivered quickly, smoothly, and well-packaged. Actions that will instantly leave a positive impression that will keep your customers coming back.

Time to Manage Your Parcel Delivery Systems

A happy customer is a returning customer, and trust is an essential element. Without earning your trust, a customer’s first impression of your brand may well be their last. Ensuring you have the right systems, such as parcel delivery software to power your logistics supply chain can help.

You’ve seen how vital efficient parcel delivery is for maximising customer satisfaction, so check out our parcel delivery system today. Make sure your customers are satisfied!