Enhancing Shipping Efficiency: SmartConsign’s Latest Updates

In the constantly evolving field of logistics, it is essential to remain ahead of the competition to provide smooth and hassle-free shipping experiences. SmartConsign has recently introduced a range of updates designed to simplify operations and enhance customer satisfaction. Let’s explore the latest enhancements that are set to revolutionise the shipping process.

smartconsign updates system with support ticket features
dhl parcel UK intergrated with SmartConsign

Carrier Integrations: Expanding Reach and Capability

SmartConsign’s commitment to providing comprehensive carrier integrations is evident in its recent updates:

  1. DHL Parcel UK: The integration with DHL Parcel UK is now ready for domestic and international shipments, offering users enhanced flexibility and shipping options.
  1. DX Customs Label: Shipping with DX now includes the ability to receive customs labels along with consignment labels, simplifying cross-border shipments and ensuring compliance with customs regulations.
  2. Yodel Updates: SmartConsign has updated to the latest version of the Yodel Gazetteer (186), ensuring accuracy in postcodes and delivery routes. Additionally, the Yodel 4×4 label is now signed off and ready for use, providing added convenience for customers.

System Features: Empowering Users with Enhanced Functionality

SmartConsign’s focus on user experience and functionality is evident in its system feature updates:

  1. Web UI International: The web portal interface has been expanded to accommodate additional data required for international shipments, making it easier to manage global shipping needs.
  1. Support Tickets: Customers can now easily submit support tickets through the web portal, linking them to specific shipments. Automated email notifications keep all stakeholders updated on progress.
  1. UI Updates: SmartConsign has introduced a consistent theme for the portal, providing a cohesive user experience. The layout updates modelled after the “Manage Shipment” page enhance the platform’s usability and visual appeal.

Mobile App Enhancements: Improving On-the-Go Efficiency

The SmartConsign mobile app has undergone numerous enhancements and bug fixes, particularly in adding scans, uploading photos, and capturing signatures. These improvements enhance the mobile user experience, empowering users to manage shipments efficiently while on the move.

In Conclusion:

SmartConsign’s recent updates represent a significant step forward in enhancing shipping efficiency and user experience. SmartConsign continues empowering businesses to streamline their shipping operations and deliver exceptional customer service with expanded carrier integrations, enhanced system features, and mobile app improvements.

Stay tuned for more updates from SmartConsign as they continue to innovate and evolve in the ever-changing world of logistics.

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