SmartConsign RapidX for Subscription Box Retailers

Bulk Batch Processing

Enjoy lightning-fast bulk batch carrier label generation at only £0.04 per label. SmartConsign RapidX enables high-volume order processing – 000’s in minutes not hours. Fast scalable solution, ideal for subscription-box retailers.

Popular Features

  • Generate 100K+ labels in just 60 minutes
  • Act on anomalies fast
  • Easy to use, no training required

Subscription-box retailers like BirchBox and Craft Gin Club are already using SmartConsign RapidX to keep up with demand. They have been able to push back cut-off times to process more orders and avoid delays. Now we’re inviting you to test our bulk batch processing solution against your system free of charge. To get started, complete the contact form. 

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    SmartConsign RapidX imports faster than any other system

    This application addresses many of the most common problems subscription-box retailers experience when batch processing high order volumes within a limited timescale. Typically these problems will include less than optimal processing speed and multiple orders being rejected due to anomalies within large data files.

    Get into the fast lane with SmartConsign RapidX. 10X Faster. 10X more shipments.

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    Labels are looking good. I followed along as they were being generated and I have to say the speed was very impressive. Great stuff!

    Craft Gin Club

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