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Multi-Carrier System

  • Tuffnells - Parcel Express
  • UKMail
  • Amazon Shipping
  • Royal Mail
  • Nightline
  • Parcel Force
  • TNT
  • rico

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Who we are

The SmartConsign team are cloud-tech advocates with decades of expertise in the parcel shipping and logistics sector. We were one of the first to respond to the eCommerce boom by introducing solutions that cut through the complexity of the shipping supply chain.

Since 2008 we've been innovating our multi-carrier management software, powering e-commerce deliveries and innovating shipment tracking for some of the UK's most ambitious enterprises.

Our Story

Our founder Robin Seymour is obsessed with the idea of using software to solve practical problems. As eCommerce expanded, he realised that he could use his passion for coding to develop a solution to add clarity to the shipping process. His mission was to enable retailers, resellers and shipping logistics suppliers to deliver positive post-checkout customer experiences like never before.

Whilst the broader market focused on getting delivery faster, SmartConsign was already the fastest. We realised that eCommerce reputations depended on great post-purchase CX and earlier on configured our system to allow you the flexibility to choose the carrier that best fits your needs. Our delivery management system is carrier agnostic; those integrated into our platform do not pay a fee, ensuring that the service you receive is 100 per cent unbiased.

What we do

We automate the eCommerce parcel delivery process by levelling up features and tools critical to enabling business performance and continued growth. We can securely integrate your carriers, eCommerce platforms and marketplaces in less than 30 days.

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No coding required; our team of techies have been taking care of all the hard stuff for close to two decades. You install our system and start optimising your parcel deliveries instantly.

Furthermore, we do not restrict the number of users to the system. The intuitive nature of the platform eliminates the need for training and is naturally more manageable for all team members to use.

Parcel delivery doesn't have to be complicated; our system promises better results with fewer people-hours

Robin Seymour CEO/Co-Founder SmartConsign Ltd

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How we do it

We integrate your choice of carriers, marketplaces and sales channels in one place, with access to all the features necessary to ship your products efficiently. Our shipping integration API gives you complete visibility of your parcel operations in real-time – allowing you enhanced management and control of your resources and costs.

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Beyond Parcel Deliveries

SmartConsign is a sister company to Signals IT, the UK's leading IT Services and Repairs provider. 51T Enterprise Solutions a manufacturer of mobile device chargers and other rugged hardware solutions. Together we service the logistics, construction and IT sector.

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