SmartConsign’s Bespoke Software Solution Transforms Hallis Hudson’s Logistics

SmartConsign is a trailblazer in cloud-based technology, offering innovative solutions to simplify the shipping supply chain. Since 2008, we’ve revolutionised shipment integrations for ambitious enterprises across the UK.

SmartConsign’s collaboration with Hallis Hudson aimed to overhaul tracking and traceability in response to Hallis Hudson’s distressing lack of technology. In just six weeks, SmartConsign developed a bespoke software system that integrated seamlessly with Hallis Hudson’s warehouse operations, providing end-to-end track and trace functionality.

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Overview of the Project:

SmartConsign swiftly addressed Hallis Hudson’s challenges by developing a comprehensive system that facilitated integrated consignment management, traceability, and proof of delivery. The bespoke solution was tailored to Hallis Hudson’s specific needs, enhancing operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

The implementation of SmartConsign’s system provided real-time visibility into the delivery process, empowering customers with precise delivery details and minimising uncertainties. Hallis Hudson saw a 90% reduction in claims, damage, and loss, while proactive communication in case of supply chain delays enhanced transparency and customer support.

"Revolutionary within the sector, emphasising it's transformative impact on both Hallis Hudson and it's customers."
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The SmartConsign project with Hallis Hudson addressed critical challenges such as the lack of tracking and traceability, operational inefficiencies, and integration issues. Through rapid development, seamless integration, and quantifiable benefits, SmartConsign delivered an innovative solution that exceeded expectations and positioned Hallis Hudson as a leader in logistics technology.

Project Key Initiatives:

  1. Bespoke Software System Development: SmartConsign developed a multifaceted system that included integrated consignment management, traceability, and proof of delivery.
  2. Warehouse System Tailoring: Hallis Hudson designed its warehouse system around SmartConsign, ensuring a seamless integration to address their unique logistics demands.
  3. Proof of Concept and Testing: A rigorous proof of concept, testing, and trial phase were conducted to ensure that the system met Hallis Hudson’s requirements and industry standards.
  4. Integration and Deployment: The system was seamlessly integrated into Hallis Hudson’s operations within the tight six-week timeframe, ensuring minimal disruption to their ongoing processes.

The success of this project underscores SmartConsign’s capability to tailor software solutions to diverse business needs. With scalable and adaptable technology, SmartConsign is poised for exponential growth in the logistics technology sector, driving efficiency, transparency, and customer satisfaction in logistics operations.

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