SmartConsign Multi-Channel Despatch: A Comprehensive Infographic

In the fast-paced world of logistics and shipping, having a clear understanding of our multi-channel despatch system is essential for users to fully understand our product. 

To facilitate this, we have created an informative infographic that outlines the different options available to customers and highlights the key features of the platform. This infographic serves as a valuable resource, providing customers with insights into seamless integrations, versatile payment options, and efficient despatch processes.

Section 1: Integrations Made Easy

– integrates with all major carriers and e-commerce platforms and is continuously adding new integrations based on customer demand.

– Integrations means that customers can manage all their carriers and platforms in one easy to use system.

Section 2: Rapid Integration and Connectivity

– Most new integrations are provided free of charge within a remarkable four-week timeframe.

– The API connectivity ensures bi-directional communication between Ecommerce platforms and the system, facilitating seamless data transfer.

Section 3: Flexible Despatch Methods

– Carriers have the option to upload files (such as orders / addresses) directly onto the platform, enabling quick and effortless despatch management.

– Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) is included for secure file transfer of your data.

Section 4: Streamlined Labelling

– The infographic highlights the compatibility of the platform with label sizes of 4×6 or 4×4, ensuring compatibility with all common label formats used by carriers.

Section 5: Payment Options

– offers versatile account payment options to accommodate different financial arrangements.

– Carriers have the flexibility to decide whether they pay on behalf of the shipper or require the shipper to cover the charges.

Section 6: Convenient Payment Methods

– The infographic outlines various payment methods available, including direct debit, card payment, and bank transfer options, providing carriers with convenient payment choices.

Section 7: Credit Terms for Carriers and Large Volume Shippers

– Subject to approval, offers a 30-day credit terms for carriers and large volume shippers, providing financial flexibility and support.

The Multi-Channel Despatch System infographic from provides customers with a comprehensive overview of the platform’s features and benefits. By emphasising tailored carrier integrations, rapid implementation, versatile payment options, and efficient despatch methods, empowers businesses to streamline their operations and deliver exceptional service to their customers. With the convenience and flexibility offered by, you can confidently navigate all of your dispatch requirements across ecommerce platforms with multiple carriers in one easy to use system.