The Importance of Live Parcel Delivery Tracking in Your Customer Service Strategy

By the end of this year, retail analyst predicts that online shopping will represent a 3rd of total retail spend in the UK. An evitable outcome accelerated 4+ years by the pandemic. Of course, this growth is exciting; however, it can add pressure on other parts of the business.

From the complexity of shipping the products to managing customer expectations, the pressure on customer services is more significant than it has ever been.

Thankfully there are several digital solutions designed to help improve retailers customer service output; however, these plus traditional call centre methods are only as good as the data that supports them. In this article, we’ve prepared five clear reasons why parcel delivery tracking should form part of retailers customer service strategy. These benefits go beyond convenience. They’re necessary to avoid building a reputation as an unreliable business.

  1. Peace-of-Mind

Few things are more frustrating to customers than parcels that don’t arrive on time. With the situation worsened when no one seems to know the location of the package. If the item ever does come, you may have already lost the customer.

And yet, that’s only the worst-case scenario. Even before the package is due, customers still like to know where the parcel is, if it’s left the depot, or if there are any delays. Live tracking information not only keeps the customer informed, but it also helps to limit contact with the customer service team – allowing them to focus on more pressing service issues.

  1. Fewer Complaints

Parcel tracking and notification will not eradicate complaints, but it can help reduce the volume of complaints. By accessing live data, the customer service team can determine the problem and proactively support the customer, which can help minimise frustrations. Modern multi-carrier management systems like SmartConsign offer a range of customer-focused features like order and tracking history across couriers, search functionality and much more.

  1. Save Time and Money

Of course, fewer complaints save time and money. In addition to customer-facing features and benefits, SmartConsign offers an advanced support ticket management system that allows users to quickly and efficiently resolve issues such as lost or damaged shipments.

  1. Enhance Brand Reputation

A satisfactory customer experience helps to enhance brand reputation; the more positive experiences delivered, the more likely the chance of winning repeat purchase. Meeting customer expectations by providing live tracking information during the post-purchase experience can do wonders for retailers brand reputation. It helps drive positive net promoter score, which in turn can help to motivate the customer service team.

  1. Turn Complaints Into Compliments

Lastly, we give you the best benefit of all. Parcel delivery tracking can turn your least satisfied customers into your most satisfied customers!

Having the ability to identify the location of a delayed or missing package immediately can help to solve customer issues quickly. It’s well known that when you address your customers’ complaints, they tend to be more loyal to your business than they were before.


They’re now aware that if they ever have a problem with you, they can trust you to solve it. Just like that, parcel delivery tracking builds you a good reputation instead of a bad one. Below image is a customised page from SmartConsign carrier management system that helps you protect your brand integrity.

Parcel Notification example

Even better, parcel tracking can solve so many of these scenarios before they happen. That is, customers checking on the status of their deliveries will call to warn you that a package is headed for the wrong address before it’s delivered.

Parcel Delivery Tracking Is Essential to Your Customer Service Strategy

Do you offer live parcel delivery tracking? If not, you now know what you’re missing.

Get all these benefits and more with SmartConsign all-inclusive live parcel tracking system. Contact us here to get started.