Freight and the City: The Challenges of Urban Delivery

When you have important packages to get to city customers, you can’t afford to encounter hiccups along the way. After all, your brand — and thus your bottom line — are at stake. Unfortunately, the process of delivering goods in cities is facing some unique challenges.

In this article, we take a look at the challenges of urban delivery vis-a-vis the freight services sector.

City Mobility

Urban mobility challenges are not unique to the UK. Worldwide there are many examples of smart city initiatives.

Some of these initiatives have in the past few years inspired innovations designed to address last-mile logistics challenges. To-date we have observed solutions that have included the use of drones, autonomous and electric vehicles — even robots. However, these initiatives are only as good as the data and route management system that supports them.

“Data from new mobility services must be shared where appropriate to improve choice and the operation of the transport system” Future of Mobility: Urban Strategy 2019

Carrier management systems like SmartConsign have been around for decades. They are designed to help simplify the shipment of goods and improve route planning for businesses of all sizes. The more advanced systems include mobile solutions that enable real-time access to data such as carrier performance.

Urban Warehouses

Integrating SaaS solutions is a necessary step in addressing the many challenges of urban deliveries but it doesn’t stop there. To manage the cost associated with last-mile deliveries certain suppliers are moving their warehouses closer to cities: leading to the rise of urban warehouses.

However, real estate in the city is expensive and mainly accessible to suppliers with big budgets. Yet, urban warehousing is a viable solution. Having facilities that are close to the city means that shippers can advance usage of a wider mix of transport solutions: thereby helping to reduce congestion, noise, and pollution.

But, no matter where a warehouse or distribution center is located the need for speed and efficiency remains a top priority. Systems that provide basic shipping requirements in addition to advance route management can help to do away with manual processes. But they can also provide valuable performance data.

For those at the coalface of last-mile logistics, automation is crucial in the battle to reduce costs and remain competitive. Having the ability to access data in real-time can help improve how you navigate urban deliveries.” Robin Seymour Co-Founder SmartConsign

What the Future Holds for Urban Delivery

In the years ahead, greater collaboration between the freight services sector and cities will be necessary. It is the only way to ensure the infrastructure of our cities works for everyone.

How We Can Help with Urban Delivery

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It’s no wonder why 300-plus companies throughout the UK, such as retailers, carriers, and couriers, utilise our solution.

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