Half of all retail sales in the UK will be online within the next 10 years. Consumer expectations are also rising as fewer are willing to wait three to five days for their parcel to arrive. This as parcel delivery suppliers in the sector know: makes last-mile courier logistics the defining battleground for online retailers large and small.

By improving your final mile delivery processes, you can meet customer expectations, outperform the competition, and reduce supply chain costs. This will help you become more competitive and profitable. Try these four ideas to improve your last-mile delivery performance. 

  1. Smarter Delivery 

Final mile couriers are looking beyond the physical address to help streamline the shipping process. Through the use of GPS data, email addresses, and phone numbers, a package could be delivered to the actual person. With increased tracking accuracy, the courier could pinpoint delivery within a few meters of the consumer’s physical location. These could potentially reduce transit distances and thereby save couriers millions. 

Couriers that aren’t ready for this level of optimisation can still benefit from data software such as SmartConsign by optimising their delivery routes. The right software can determine the best method of delivery for all shipments to ensure efficiency in both time and distance. 

  1. Smart Lockers 

There are thousands of parcel collection points across the UK, and the number is only going to rise in the coming years.

These alternative delivery solutions are centralised delivery location for nearby consumers. This reduces the number of miles the courier must travel and thereby reduce overall shipping costs. Smart lockers also eliminate the failed delivery problem. All parcels go into their own cabinet, so they’re ready for the consumer at their availability. 

  1. Focused on Customer Needs

Improving performance is about improving both your business and customer satisfaction. Consumers care about convenience and cost. Use tracking software like the SmartConsign App to collect data. You can then access this information to identify your most-valued customers. Focus on providing elevated services to these high-volume customers. Increase their shipping conveniences while also reducing their cost. Provide them with real-time last-mile carrier tracking and enhanced cost control features. 

By focusing your efforts on these valuable customers, you can get the highest return on investment for your efforts. 

  1. Smart Addresses

We already have smartphones, cars, and homes, so why not have smart addresses as well? Using an innovative shipping management solution can give you access to a vast database of digitally stored addresses. You can then use this information to ensure every address is correct before the shipment takes place. This will help you optimise your route management and reduce the number of failed last-mile delivery attempts. 

Optimise Your Last Mile Logistics

By implementing these last-mile logistics ideas, you can optimise processes, reduce costs, and increase customer satisfaction. Using a carrier management system like SmartConsign can help you to track data, optimise routes, and improve customer satisfaction. 

Request a demo of the SmartConsign system and optimise your last-mile transportation today.