SmartConsign works with Linnworks, smart!

With so many systems and integrations, the shipping logistics business can get complicated. Factoring in all the customer facing challenges – such as last mile delivery and  free shipping and returns –  getting all the data you need to keep your operation running cost effectively and efficiently is no mean task. For that reason, getting the right systems integrations is therefore not a hard sell, we all appreciate the need for simplifying the process. Here at  SmartConsign that is what everything must be about: simplification and efficiency. From the start,  we’ve been on a mission to help streamline the parcel delivery process.

Designing our own software from the ground up gave us the best possible start. It meant that we were able to introduce features that others have not even thought about or were simply unable to build due to the constraints of their own systems. Solutions like universal label formats take the hassle out of printing different label sizes for each carrier – these small things add up to a massive difference in speed, efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Our fast consignment generation and label creation enable businesses to respond quickly to ever-growing customer demands [both solutions executed 100 in less than 3.5 seconds].

SmartConsign integration with Linnworks is an example of how through partnerships we’re able to help businesses grow to their full potential by helping to make the process easier. Our existing account holders can use their accounts and associated integrations from within the Linnworks platform.

Here is how it works:

  • Linnworks communicates directly with your SmartConsign account allowing the 2 systems to work together as one seamless platform.
  • Linnworks allows the shipping label to be inserted directly on your invoice where a peel off label can be used.
  • Cancelling a label within Linnworks prior to manifesting will automatically cancel the label, ensuring you are not charged for labels that you do not use

Running a business can be challenging enough without having to waste time with manual processes and managing multiple systems. With SmartConsign you can also easily access shipping quotes, compare prices and track performance over time. If you’re an existing SmartConsign client and you’re looking to automate all the different parts of your selling processes you can find us on Linnworks. Not a customer yet? Book a demo today.

SmartConsign is a delivery management software that  brings together retailers, distribution warehouses, resellers and carriers to simplify the entire shipping process and provide seamless carriage management.