How startups can turn shipping logistics into competitive advantage

Like many aspects of building and growing your brand, it takes time to figure out what works best for your business model. The effort you put into designing your product, merchandising, recruiting, and building your website, among other things, is vital to long-term success. And whilst shipping might be covered in your pricing strategy, few organisations think about their shipping operations holistically. Agile e-commerce startups embrace holistic shipping because they know it will help them win market share from incumbents.

Startups that position their shipping logistics as a key differentiator recognise the following:

  1. Brand Experience
    The point at which the customer receives your parcel is their ultimate experience with your brand. The opportunity for repeat purchases is at your fingertips, but the customer journey has got to be satisfactory. Otherwise, all of your previous effort will have been wasted.
  2. Business Efficiency
    Delivery management can get complicated and costly, but the shipping logistics process can generate a wealth of data that can be used to help improve overall business efficiencies.
  3. Customer Loyalty
    Understanding all the variables involved in shipping logistics is vital to long-term success. The mix of shipping delivery options are key drivers of customer loyalty. Getting this right at the outset requires careful planning and should form part of your overall brand strategy.

With a myriad of hi-tech solutions in the delivery supply chain, the opportunity to maximise business efficiencies is accessible by everyone. When choosing a parcel delivery software consider some of the following features:

  • Standardised labelling that fits any carrier
  • Real time information cost and transaction logs
  • Customisable notification
  • Rapid consignment generation
  • Rapid label creation
  • Covers all major shipment types
  • Drop ship label
  • Returns management

Getting clarity in your delivery management process can deliver competitive advantage and can be achieved sooner than you think. A shipping logistics software solution like SmartConsign can be set up in a matter of days, and as it’s an SaaS-based solution, there is no hardware installation to worry about . Just sign up and you’re ready to go. Request a demo today!