Cover Your Ground with SmartConsign, the Cloud SaaS Solution

Simplified Shipping Logistics Done Right.

When customers shop online, they expect their packages to be delivered promptly and in perfect condition. Now, more than ever, companies where shipping and operational management aren’t optimized will see their revenues drop. In order to stay competitive, you need to be sure that your shipping logistics system is both comprehensive and easy to use. That’s why SmartConsign has created a web-based application to make sure your shipping run smoothly.

Protection for Unexpected Mishaps

Every time there’s a delayed shipment or lost package, your brand suffers. Shippers who used City Link know this all too well. Two years ago, City Link went into administration, leaving millions of parcels stuck in depots–they just weren’t able to deal with the surge in online shopping. If SmartConsign had been around then, shippers could have mitigated these unexpected circumstances by switching their nominated carriers in real time saving their customers disappointment, uncertainty and frustration.

Web-based and Built for Speed

As businesses scale, they need to create more robust systems to sustain growth, but they also need those systems to be agile. Our web-based logistics software enables you to track multiple carriers in one place, saving on operating costs and storing shipment history for up to 10 years. We’re the shipping logistics solution that’s built for speed, and our software works just as easily on a mobile as it does on a PC.

More Value for Money

Our financial management functionality lets you easily keep track of costs in real-time, but also completely changes the way carrier invoices are processed, checked, audited and reconciled. We’ve got everything organized in one place so you can see the big picture. You can even control the entire journey of the workflow, from point of sale to delivery and returns.

Whether you run an SME or a multinational corporation, SmartConsign can help streamline your shipping and returns processes. Contact us today to find out more.